Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Karnataka farmers to set a record: to take oath on organic farming

Farmers strike for seeds, bundh for subsidies, fight for loans.... these are very old stories. Now our farmers are going to set a different record. 50,000 farmers of Karnataka are taking oath on organic farming on 26Th January. What a great news!
We, Indians never considered farmers as the backbone of Indian economy. Even today, India might be exporting software, technology goods, ores to foreign countries, agriculture is the basic structure of our economy. But we never gave importance to it, nor government. They might have announced some benificial plans for farmers. But I don't think it has reached a true farmer. At the most it could reach political party workers.
Now farmers themselves taking a step forward. They are coming to Bangalore in their own expenditure to take oath on organic farming. They now know the importance of the organic farming. They are taking oath to not to depend on seeds of multinational companies, which has brought blood in their eyes a number of times. They are also taking oath to not to take suicide as their final option when their crops cheats them.
Scientist, Visionary, our beloved former president Abdul Kalam will be present at the event in front of the Vidhansoudha.
I did not saw media giving importance to such events. They will enter into farmers life only when a farmer commits suicide. Please open your eyes to such matters. Build a positive India. This post is based on a report published in Vijay Karnataka

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