Saturday, 24 January 2009

Slumdog millionaire and true India

Sum dog millionaire grabbed 4 Golden globe international film awards. A R Rehaman, most favourite music director of India become first Indian to win that award. As everybody thought i also accepted it as a crown for India. Later I realised it is completely a myth. What is there in this movie which will distinguish from a normal bollywood movie? It has successfully pictured India as a country of slum, beggars and prostitutes. It has become an international trend. If somebody pictures eastern countries as slums, they will get award. Even white tiger is an example of this. I can bet, this Slumdog is not at all comparable with Taare jameen par or Lagaan.
The i wrote some articles on Slumdog, my friend, a software professional Shivaprasad had told me that it is like any other bollywood film, directed by someone who had never seen India positively. We had better film than this. It won't get even a state award. I did not believe him, because I heard Rehaman's Vande mataram, Jana gana mana and many other songs.
India is never treated better in any International awards including Nobel. Can you show me anybody who can compete with Mahatma Gandhi when he got nominated for Nobel peace award? But he did not get it. What is good in India is never recognised. This does not matter. But when Indians could not recognise what we have, it costs more.
Slumdog starts convincing you Mumbai as a biggest slum in the world. Then it comes to communal disputes- mother of two Muslim boys murdered ( by another community. No need to tell more) Then the story goes towards world of beggars, prostitutes, bar girls, criminals. Should I write more?
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