Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Internet providing new platform in freelance journalists

Freelance journalists are those who are not the internal part of the publishing houses, but without whom both the print and electronic media won't survive even for a single day. Difference between a regular journalist a freelance journalist are that a freelance journalist writes whenever he wishes, on whatever he likes but a regular journalist has a commitment of writing, he has a deadline. Freelance journalist has to arrange his cost of reporting his own where a regular journalist sent by the media unit will be prepaid by it.

Advantage of being a freelance journalist is that he can write whatever he wishes, whenever he finds himself free to write, he can publish whichever magazine or media and also can earn money from it. If you have a passion for hunting new information and analysing them to make a paragraph or two you too become a free lane journalist.

When it comes to Internet era, free lance journalists have a good opportunity and exposure never seen earlier. You can get information on your own or get from the net, add your own views and publish your own. Blogger are the best example for freelance journalists. A blogger is a writer, editor and a publisher of his own. He can be a designer if he has a little knowledge of html and some other web languages. He can also earn money by publishing ads which google or yahoo like sites provides or can get paid from some websites directly if he is a serious writer. If you are new to the field you can get noticed by others by writing to those who are already noticed by others. Internet just works by links.

For this what one has to do is write more original contents, get linked by some high page ranked sites, write something interesting and be active. I started my career as freelance journalist 8 years ago, entered blogging 3 years ago and changed some blogging sites until I find myself satisfied with the services provided, started earning(though not a significant amount) through blogging 4 months back. Why late, you too be a freelance journalist.

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