Thursday, 11 December 2008

Everything that is constructed is to be destructed

Everything that is constructed will be destructed. It may difficult to accept this truth. But that is. Everything, each and everything.... human life, a new innovation, a business, a building, a government, a policy, a law, a belief, a relation everything that is constructed today to be destructed one day.

I don't tell things to be completely collapsed to be destructed, but at least the form in which it is present shall be destructed to construct itself in another form. This seems to be law of nature. The theory of formation of this world itself tells that it is constructed by destruction. So sooner or longer it has to be destructed to construct another.

There were kings, kingdom, policies, laws, belief... they are no more now. They all are destructed to construct where we are now. A business, that is formed by years of hard work will be reformed to transform into another form in a minuets of time or it may be completely collapsed to make way to another business. But sure, it shall be destructed.

A record, may be a sports world record, or simply a Guinness record made by months of preparation will be reconstructed by another. A relation started by 1st meet goes to an end, that could be a full stop or transformation of type of relation. Open to close, close to open; social relationship to personal or a collapse of the relationship.

So, think of the way how it could be destructed before constructing. This will help you to reform it and save it from collapsing. Go for reconstruction before it collapse. So when you construct think of destruction.

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Shta said...

Hi Akshay,
Nice write up..!
It reflects a matured view of perceiving the things in the lighter way.

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