Thursday, 11 December 2008

Browsers to challenge search engines?

What is the relation between browsers and search engines? How could browser take over search engines? You may think I'm making fool. But if you carefully observe the developing trend of the browsers it seems to do this job early. Just look at this picture: you can see how the trend has changed.
Little ago I was depending on google (my favourite search engine) for everything I browsed. To go to YouTube or simply to yahoomail I was typing the query as YouTube or yahoomail in search box. It was the easier way I had to enter into any sites. But now? I use search engines only for those queries on which I would like to know the presence of more than a website or simply when I want to do some research on some topic.
Now, if I need to browse Indian Railway, I simply type India in URL tab, it generates some option which consists of "...India...". Select the site I'm looking for and just hit enter. I am done. This is now available on most of all the latest versions of browser software including Mozilla, chrome. Ultimately it reduced about 50% of my search engine usage. That means it simply reduced the hit on search engines.
This is what Mozilla FireFox people defines about this feature: "The new FireFox 3 location bar learns as you use it—it’s so highly evolved that we like to call it the “Awesome Bar”. Over time, it adapts to your preferences and offers better fitting matches. Type in a term and the auto complete function includes possible matching sites from your browsing history, as well as sites you’ve bookmarked and tagged in a drop down. For example, you could enter the tag: “investments” to find “”. Matched terms are highlighted, making the list of results easy to scan." It claims it will show the matching from browsing history, but chrome shows the matching sites even never visited. But days are not far away that it shows matching that represents your taste by scanning whole www.
If you look at search engine history it always had a rapid change. I strongly believe this new feature of the browsers could be a challenge for search engines.

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