Monday, 12 April 2010

What Does India Need? Projectivity or Productivity?

Are you working for an Indian software company? What are you working on? A Project or an own Product?

Bill Gates is recognized for Microsoft Windows, Steve Jobs is for i-phone and i-pad, we have so many examples like this. Let me ask you now- for what product Mr Narayan Murthy recognized for? Ask yourself, take any Indian Software company and analyze for what product they are recognized for. Nokia is famous for Nokia Mobiles; Samsung is for quite much number of electronic items. Google could create a new verb. For which product do you mark Wipro? (Leave its consumer goods section). Western Products Ltd- Wipro has forgotten what is a product when it comes to Wipro Technologies. Where do its EGO laptops stand in international Market?

Have you observed one thing? We feel proud when some Indian name runs in credential when adobe acrobat initiates. We proudly announce this much percentage of yahoo, Intel, Microsoft employees are Indians. Now tell me, why still we are working on some project borrowed from those companies? Why we could not create an OS like Microsoft, Unix or Mac? Why still we are importing phones from China? Why we don’t have indigenous Chip, Mobile or Complete Desktop? Is it much difficult than an aircraft, a satellite launching vehicle or a cryogenic engine, or a super computer?

Ask CDAC or ISRO people how to work on a product? They have built indigenous products. We have cryogenic engine now! Just because USSR did not give us cryogenic technology when we asked it for! We have PARAM super computers just because USA was unwilling to provide us that technology. They worked for the nation! We, so called engineers work for company, work for project, work for service!

Narayana Murthy is our youngsters’ role model. What flashes you when we tell the name of Narayana Murthy! There could be Finacle, Tally or similar software products by Indian software units, but again they are just a service to their clients. What flashes in your mind when somebody tells Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page, N Y Philiphs……? People who do not know English have brand name called Lenovo, which now acquired IBM’s hardware unit. The same Chinese people have Huawei; to run our internet connections we have no other option!

We Indians are masters in English have nothing! (Our software companies test communication skills in English during recruitment) Our companies work on some projects which are already researched and developed by Huawei! You learn Chinese to bring that silly project! Our knowledge in foreign language is used only for bringing or begging some projects! The same Narayana Murthy tells many of our engineering students are not eligible to be employed. Yes, our schools have prepared such graduates who can work on some project- a borrowed out sourced service! They are not prepared to work on their own product or a landmark in the technology! What else you can expect when your requirement is the same?

Work for ‘Product’vity not on ‘Project’vity!

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