Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Buzz, Twitter Message Appears in Google search!!

It took little long time to understand Google Buzz. Though it asks while posting a comment to publish in web or not I never thought it could appear in Google Search. But after publishing a post in Google Buzz I gave search for 'Weather Bangalore' surprisingly it was my comment was on the list. That too the latest result was mine!

My friend Shivu was discussing an hour ago about these public posting of the buzz. He was worried that anybody can follow anybody. It is obvious that we feel whetever we scrap there at buzz is personal or it could be available for those whom we have permitted as the mail itself is very very personal. But some application that could be accessed through our e-mail log in becomes public is really horrible!

If you have not seen this just browse this search page. If the latest comments are not available, give some hot keyword at present and search. Or change the setting as latest as it appears left of the result page. Its really good application untill it disturbs the personal matters of a person.

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