Saturday, 27 March 2010

Blog You Never Miss: Ceekay's JOYS of life!

Ceekay, a wife, mom, and grandma from Buckeye, Arizona writes two blogs. First one is Thinking of Home, a blog on Home, Hobbies, and Decorating. Illustrations with the lovely photis are very attractive and i can assure you will love this blog. The blog tell syou about her house, decoration and even you can learn a lot if you love to decorate your house with simple things.

If this is all, there is no need of mentioning this blog here. Ceekay has another blog. My Journey with Teal- Ceekay's another blog which was started a few months ago is not the one you can just miss it. Ceekay was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer October 2006 and has been under treatments ever since. Fighting with the cancer, the former legal secretary tells Life is wonderful, but at times, difficult. She is sharing most of the experiences of her battle with the life in this blog. Even at her difficult time she is regularly updating her blogs. It has become the joy of her life. These words of her are always true: The "betterer" I get, the more I realize how sick I was.

(I love blogs. I always feel every blogger have something different to share. I visit many blogs a day. Somewhere I feel like sharing blogs with you. My new series "blog you never miss" starts with this post, praying for Ceekay's speedy recovery. I wish you can also do it fer her and millions of women like her)

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