Wednesday, 31 March 2010

India needs a law against MMS sex scandals

There was a website of Indian sex cartoons-Savitha Bhabhi. Today you can not browse it. Government of India banned the site and enacted the law against the website. There was conspiracy that some of its characters resemble some of the bollywood legends. Law can always be enforced against the porno sites if the state has the willpower to do so.
Have you ever thought of how many sex scandals happens daily and get caught by hidden cameras or mobile cameras. Number is in hundreds. They all gets uploaded into the web. They are downloaded by millions. Once they got downloaded they are transferred to further millions by blue tooth devices.
India never accepted the porno sites, films, magazines. But the MMS scandals are becoming business. The websites are making more money than any others. Thousands of young girls and boys are ruining their life for some miss deeds they have done. Number of MMS or other sex scandals are pictured without the knowledge of the couple or one of them. Some are pictured with the knowledge or by themselves. There is no point in analysing all these.
The MMS scandals starts from DPS school students' MMS clip(Watch Dev D) to Malnad engineering college couple in Mungarumale, have completely ruined their life. At least the MMS or videos are not publicised they could have live there life somewhere. Though Mysore Mallige guys Prithviraj andChetana married it did not survive for long. A nun in Kerala was cught in mobile by her own sex partner-driver and was uploaded.
Now the mania of such scandals have entered even small towns. Vandana's sex tape Mangaloreans down. Now it has entered Kushalnagar, a small town of Coorg with Rizwan's sex scandal with Pallavi, a student of Engineering College of the town. The policemen have not taken a simple action to find out which girl is that out of nine Pallavis in the college. They are waiting for a suicide. Now a College girl of Sirsi has also became a pet off all local guys. The uniform she is wearing is of the local college- a newspaper reports. But no action taken!
Why we should not have a strong law against all these. It should punish all from one who has pictured to one who stores in any form. If it found to be pictured with the knowledge of the couple or girl then they should also be punished. This laws should resemble laws of Taliban- bigger punishments! Just because there deeds will not only spoil the life of their own but also ruins the society and the culture.


dickish said...

we need to ban some porn

rahul said...

there is no one responsible for these mms scandles other than us ....
me being a buisness man and a photographer i do not see a need of camera on my phone , the reason it was made was to make it handy , but now its beyond being handy ,now you get a handy and very smart cams for jst 4000 bucks any one can afford it ,
my point is that camera phones should be banned rather than the people around
"we humans are ment to live together why do we need to fight among us ?,its not the people who are bad its the technology ,with these technologies even the GOD`s will turn bad .......
"mechines are made to work for us , its not to kill us "

aarti said...

<<<<<<<< i like mms

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