Sunday, 17 January 2010

Watching TV is more dangerous than watching Eclipse

On 15th January we experienced a most exiting solar eclipse in terms of science and also in terms of the reaction of the people. The Bangalore was calm. There was unannounced Bundh in the city. There were hardly a few autos in the street of busy Malleshwaram. I had given my bike for servicing in the morning. They called me to get delivery of bike at 2’O clock where earlier I used to get it next morning. My office was empty. Even during some protests it used to be crowded. I was just chit chatting with my colleagues all the day. This was the scenery of the day of complete solar eclipse.

Schools were closed, people where busy watching TVs in their souses. A cash pick up guy called the bank and told he will not going to pick the cash because its eclipse. He also told it’s on his sun sign and he has to chant. Not answerable on the phone.

Watching TVs has become more dangerous than watching eclipse itself. Hundreds of TV channels are not telecasting speeches of Astrologists. You can talk then over phone and get answer for your doubts. They just want their TRPs to be increased. Emotional ways of increasing TRPs have always worked. So they will tell you that solar eclipse has impact on your sun sign and you have to chant all the day. Some people even went further to tell if a pregnant lady vomits and wipes her mouth during eclipse she will get a baby whose lips will be half cut! No one dare to come out and watch eclipse that they could enjoy once in their life time. They think they will have bad effect if they won’t chant. Thus they loose one opportunity to view a wonderful event of the nature. Watching TV spoils an opportunity making you frightened.

Even I did not take food during eclipse. It’s not because I believed the suggestion of some astrologists on the news channels. It’s just because the hotels nearby my office were closed!

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