Monday, 28 December 2009

ISKCON LTD is a good investment Choice

If you are looking for a better investment option ISKCON LTD will be a good choice!! It is not a real investment guide. An imagination if ISKCON goes for IPO and becomes a limited company which will never happen!!

ISKCON is running recession free business using Indian God Sri Krishna. Even if the recession attacks other businesses the Krishna Consciousness will arise in the recession hit people and hence ISKCON will continue to give good performance. Only a small part which might hit id fund raising activity though it will sustain as it has other way of fund raising apart from corporate donations.

ISKCON is running very innovative business. Even from the god to Prasadam! You might find Lord Krishna, Lord Narasimha some where near your house. But ISKCON gods are innovative products as they are Radha Krishna Chandra, Prahlada Narasimha etc. Even customers also get confused that they are different gods from what they usually see.

ISKCON has variety of Pasadam. It starts from simple Pngal to Gobi Manchurian. They have cakes, donuts, fizzas. Sometime the temple visitors get confused and visit the temple on the eve of Christmas. Music also very different and hears like rock band. The youth are targeted in this way and business is focused to be achieving further heights.

They are also investing in real estate. They are building Theme Park, Krishna Lila Park and are going to open their own super markets there. They already have their supermarket inside the temple. Market yard is hundred times more than the worshiping area which is their main business. From food to food grains, music to books, readymade dress to fancy item are available there.

Mid day meal program is also running successfully where in even government and some other major MNCs have their shares. In spite of number of cases and blames by the authorities it is being praised a lot by the general public.

ISKCON might be the first corporate office which is open to the general public.

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