Thursday, 29 March 2012

It is v v v Vidya all the way!

Vidya Balan in Kahaani

Time to forget the hot debut of Vidya Balan in Dirty Picture. Now she is a pregnant widow in the kahani(Story) that happens within the movie Kahani, a complete female-centric movie. It is all about Bidya.. Sorry.. V V V V Vidya. Vidya Balan has not just played the role of Bidya Bagchi, she has become Bidya. Vidya Balan and her Kahani hold your attention through out the film without boring for a minute.

Mishap happens in the Kolkota Metro to leave hundreds dead. After two years of that mishap, pregnant Vidya comes from London in search of her missing husband. Everyone tries to convince her that her husband does not exist. She gets the help of earnest cop named Rana. She visits the National Data Center. The HR manager of NDC to which her husband supposed to visit recalls that there was an employee who left the job two years ago exactly looked like her husband. The HR manager is murdered. That makes the intelligence beuro officer arrive in to the scene. Then the story starts taking the turns. Finally she kills
Milind Damji who made that mishap which killed her real husband who was also an intelligence officer and accomplishes her mission. This is a thriller movie and one should watch the  movie to get the thrill of the story

No wonder if Vidya Balan’s performance in this film could get her another National Award. She has taken all the responsibility to run the entire show on her own. Her performance is the major attaction of the filom. Definitely Vidya Balan makes everyone to come out of the Dirty Picture hang out in this Movie. Without a love scene, an item song, not even a dance, Kahani makes Vidya Balan a block buster heroine in Bollywood.
Vidya Balan in Kahaani

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