Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Big Bakra of Big Bazar

Big Bazar Great Exchange Offer
A fat lady wearing posh saree entered the Mall with an old damaged bag. It was obviously some mismatch between the how she looked and the bag she was carrying. She walked to the Big Bazar counter; instead of baggage counter she gave the bag to the person sitting in front of a computer in between the old useless household materials. He opened the bag and counted old clothes, shoes, and few books, then printed and gave her a voucher. It raised my eyebrow and I saw a board “Exchange Offer!” Exchange anything for extra 25% off. I have never seen Big Bazar doing any charity by taking your old jeans for Rs 300 or a kg of Newspaper for Rs 30 and give you something new. Kishor Biyani can never be a fool. Conditions obviously apply. The only question was what are those stars making us blind?

First I should tell how an exchange offer should work. One has an old Alto a/c car. Now he wants to buy a new Swift. He visits True Value shop. After negotiation he agrees for exchange at a price say Rs 2 lakh. This amount plus bonus if any will be deducted from the new car price say Rs 5 lakhs and he pays only Rs 3 lakhs to drive the car home. They never tell you to buy car with the price tag Rs 8.00 lakhs to get the benefit of Rs 2 lakhs so that the amount reduced does not exceed 25%.

Come back to Big Bazar. The lady exchanged the old jeans for an exchange voucher of Rs 300. To get the complete benefit she has to make the bill worth Rs 1200. Only then bill amount will be reduced to Rs 900. That means she got 25% discount. This is the maximum benefit scenario. What if she buys an item worth Rs 600? She will get a discount of 25% or Rs 150 only. To get the full benefits she fills her kart. She can’t make it exact Rs 1200. It becomes Rs1500. Then She doesn’t get 25% off, it will be Rs 300 only, i.e. 20%. Also, not all the items are under the 25% off offer, this is the maximum discount offered by them. If she had done a five-minute pre purchase research I can bet this same material would have cost less than this at some other shop. She lost old jeans and spent few bugs for this exchange offer. She ended up in purchasing 4 times the value of her old stuffs as evaluated by the Big Bazar in their convenience, without a second thought whether she is in need of what she is buying.

Congrats, Big Bakra of Big Bazar.

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