Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Story of Chander Mohan and Anuradha Bali to Chand Mohammad and Fiza Bali

Kya love story hai:
Chander Mohan, the elder son of former Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal is the main role in this real life drama. Another role is Anuradha Bali a.ka.a Fiza, former Haryana Assistant Advocate General. Enough with introduction let me start story.

Chander mohan, 38 years old, elder son of Haryana strongman Bhajan Lal, was not like any normal politicians, he never had an interest in politics. His father is a Congress leader, hence he came to politics as it is an inherited asset. As a family politics he enjoyed assembly membership for 4 times. He also became deputy chief minister of Haryana. Chand, already had a lovely wife Bishnoi for 13 years, and two chlidren. He came in contact with a city lawer Anuradha Bali. She was 32, divorced with a Mohali businessman and ready for some serious relationships. Look at photo, even today she looks hot! She Assistant Advocate General of Haryana. Then both started acting like lovers in college days and nobody could find them in office like college students bunks classes for dates.

As she tells he trapped her through constant SMSes, which he used to send her since 2006. The sample messages read: "Anu you don’t know how much I love you. God has created you with great love and affection. You are the ultimate jewel I possess." and "Anu mujhe apna lo varna mujhe maar do." Recall your college days. How exciting if it happens in highest government office of the state. Kya love story hai!!

Mujhse shadi karogi:
First it was just a rumour that Haryana's deputy CM had disappeared. Nobody had in November seen him for more than a month . Congress people initially said he was campaigning for the party in Jammu. Then they realized Fiza was missing too. So later she was removed from the state's assistant advocate general post for disappearing from the office. But Chand continued to be deputy CM even though nobody knew where is he. They wanted to marry. But they could not get married as he had not divorced his first wife Seema until he follows Hinduism, as there second marriage when first wife is still there is not allowed. So both decided to convert to Islam and then get married as Islamic laws allows them to married though he has a wife. In Meerut Dhander Mohan became Dhand Mohammad and Anuradha Bali became Fiza Bali and had done the nikaah. They were together for two months. Their love faded just in two months. Mujhse shadi karogi got over!!

Pyaar Mein Twist:
Chand Mohan left his second wife and returned to home. Fiza said he had been “kidnapped” by his younger brother Kuldip Bishnoi’s goons. So he had to reappear on media to confirm he was not kidnapped. He told to media that he is not a kid to be kidnapped and he still loved his first wife Seema and children, with whom he wanted to reunite. Denying the possibility of returning to Fiza, Chand had termed her as “badhiya cheez (good thing)”. For this statement Fiza reacted “Am I a vegetable, cold drink or lassi that he said so?”.

Anuradha Bali alias Fiza tried to commit suicide swallowing more than 50 sleeping pills. She was taken to a private hospital in a semi-conscious state and there saced her life. So story continued. She was arrested for allegedly attempting suicide, but soon after she was granted bail. Then it came- Pyaar Mein Twist!!.

Masala item:
Also a Canadian group, India-Pacific Media and movies Inc. and India Post Canada, has approached Bali for cinematic rights for her life story. The film is likely to be titled “Fiza ka Chand”. Fiza Bali offered to play her own role in the movie. Sure to become very good Masala Item!!

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