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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aishwarya Naked for penthouse magazine?

Is this Naked photo of Aishwarya Rai is real?
You might be curious to know whether the mail you had received or blogposts with this Naked photo of Aishwarya Rai, which claims it to be real is true or not.
The text in the photo reads: "It is not a computer generated photograph. It was published in Penthouse magazine 2004, and she took USD 4.5 million for the shoot".  Though this photo looks like real one, it is definitely a  fake photo. One of main reason is that there is no Aishwrya’s name in Penthouse pet’s list. Some people argue that this is real picture referring to Wikipedia, but remember Wikipedia can be edited by common readers like us.  Some claims that she was the pet of Feb 2004 and Penthouse tells that there was no pet for the month Feb 2004 in its website.
The person who worked on this photograph need to be appreciated. But while choosing the naked photograph he has done a mistake. Aish’s hands are not that much short like one which you can see in this naked picture. The experts tell that the mixing work can not be seen easily because the work is done along the necklace to hide any line or marks of editing.

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Anonymous said...

Guess what dude, there IS aishwarya's name on the list!! Go check it first!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah lol But its on Feb 2004 Why?

herooooooooooo said...

dude u go check u r eyesight der is no one for feb 2004 check before u comment

Anonymous said...

Here is the famous nude and controversed picture of aishwara. It’s presented like the original of the famous fake for Penthouse (it was never publisehd in Penthouse magazine ! ) . So, it’s strange cos it looks no fake at all

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous....can u send da pic via mail??

Anonymous said...

This is a High Quality PIC

Anonymous said...

This is of high quality

Anonymous said... this is not working any can i see the pic??????

dilip said...

why you have to check the length of hands, just check out her navel.


Akshay Bhagwat