Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bipasha Basu hot for New York Lotto TV ad

It was in 1999, when Bipasha Basu was just entered the modeling field and has no fame of bollywood actress. She went topless for a American TV ad which was told to be filmed in India. This commercial was filmed for New York Lotto. Bipasha Basu was in a contract with the New York-based Ford modeling agency at that time. The ad is directed by Ken Nahoum. The video is posted online by Tommy Kane, who was the art illustrator for this ad. However this ad was not telecasted in the TV channels. Officials of Bipasha Basu also agreed that she went nude for this TV ad as an international assignment.

You Tube has not deleted this ad as there is no direct nudity. You can not see her nude in this video. Her co-actress can see it. But you can feel and tell without doubt she went topless for this TV commercial. Her topless body is shown through her shoulders from the back.

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