Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Selling your privacy for cheap discounts

Visit any supermarkets or shopping malls. When you get your billing done and come out of the counter you will be welcomed b some guys holding a pen and a slip. He tells you to fill the form and get 10% discount when you shop again. Or it could be some lucky draw where you have to fill all your information and drop into the box to get a gift. Why they are doing so? Are they fool to ask you to fill some details to get some gifts?

Your personal information is very much important to them. Just think, if they are giving some discount for your personal information; it means information you have provided will be more valuable than that discount. They ask you to fill name, contact number, occupation, income, family members and education in common. They segregate the data and use these data for marketing their products. If there is a small car to be launched they will select the potential buyers from the list and contact them. It reduces mass advertising. This again saves in millions. Your personal information is of million rupees value for them.

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What for you? A small gift is yours for filling all your personal details patiently. If there is a lucky draw some sought of excitement for few days. Then disturbance! When you are in a very important meeting a message from Big Bazaar reaches your mobile- Buy onion on Wednesday and get discount on potato! You keep your mobile back into your pocket, another message from The Mobile Store- Get your mobile serviced for free! Rush today to nearest mobile store! This is all you get for providing your personal information for some discounts or gifts.

It is up to you to decide how valuable your privacy is. Whether such discounts worth more than our privacy? Are you ready to sell your privacy?

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