Sunday, 29 June 2008

First Dollar from Google Adsense

I had a dream, without investment I should earn money before I finish my graduation. Thanks to Google, it made my dream come true.
I started hunting for Adsense account in early March this year. I didn't get an account for a month for the reason that the address I had given was not valid. I wanted my address to be of my village; even the Google search would not return the result for the search of this unknown village. Later I got the account for the same address.
Then I started trying to put the ads in my Wordpress blog Sumsumne. I got html codes and tried a lot to insert it into my blog. Later I came to know Wordpress templates won’t support this. I had to subscribe for RSS by paying the charges, then only can upload my own template. It was not what I wanted.
I knew, blogger is supporting Adsense as it is also a Google product. I created my new blog in blogger and started posting into it. It took about one month to get a first click on the ad. I got first dollar in my Ad sense account.
That was June 25th; I had just finished the last exam of my engineering graduation.

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shishirbangalore said...

so watz ur adsense account balance?

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