Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Monk’s Sixth letter: Choose your influences well

Jonathan is in St Ann’s, near Sidney to meet Mary McNeil and Angus McDonald to collect the sixth letter and the talisman. This time, the lesson to be learnt was how to choose the influence to make the best. Talisman was a carved wood two hands holding on each other.

We do not move through our days alone or apart from the world around us. And so we must always be aware of the things and the people we allow in our lives. It's a mark of wisdom to choose to spend time in those places that inspire and energize you and associate with those people who elevate and uplift you. Whether in our work or within our personal lives, these most positive friends and peers will inspire us to be our greatest selves and to lead our largest lives.

You can download all the 9 secret letters with Talisman pictures of  the secret letters of the monk who sold his Ferrari at the 9th letter here.

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