Saturday, 22 January 2011

Introduction Matters...

You might have seen different people introducing their relatives or people they knew in different ways. For example one of my senior officials introduced his wife as ‘she is my wife’. It was just like telling, this much is enough for you guys, get lost! At the same time he took much time is introducing his next door girl, who is an engineering student, who got placed in TCS. We were eager to know her name; we know how to now other stuffs, but he did tell it at all.

One of my friend told that her father always introduced her as ‘she is my daughter, studying in USA’. These words are most important for him. She also tells he always introduced her mother in a single sentence ‘she is my wife, a government teacher’. He has a government teacher as a wife!

I visited some local banks with one of my colleague. He always introduced me as ‘he is our new officer’. I had to loose other identity to make other person comfortable. They are not interested in knowing my name or my hobby or my graduation. They need the information that I am an officer, so I need to loose other identities.

My uncle is a contractor. An engineer matters more for him. So he always introduced me to his friends as an engineer. He never bothered to tell my name too. I also experienced good times when I was introduced by my friends to their friends as ‘this is my friend, Akshay’. They created closeness and other information flew easily and I got few friends.

I was meeting my colleague’s husband first time. She introduced me to her husband just by pointing me ‘Akshay...’. That means he knows me. What he knows! What he does not know!? It created a tension during the first meet. Finally he told they both read my blogs! Then we talked for hours.

I was talking to a lady who got changed her name after marriage. I asked her how you felt when you got changed your name not for your wish! She told she felt like she lost her identity. We are always identified by our name. We feel special when some one calls us by name. Similarly give them their own identity.

Introduction takes different formats according to the situations and people who is getting introduced, to whom and who is the middle person.

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