Friday, 10 July 2009

Now it is Bing Vs Google

Bing- if you wish to insult it you can expand it as ‘But, It’s Not Google’. But certainly it is not true. Bing is a new search tool from Microsoft which looks like next version of Google, but with some added features. While Google is taking over Microsoft’s monopoly with release of new tools, it is now Microsoft’s turn to shock Google and its supporters.

Bing is much like Google, that’s why I called it as next version of Google! There is a search box with all the options for specifying search for image, maps, shopping, videos, news etc. Difference could be felt once you enter some thing for search and hit search button.

Here in Bing, no need to click on the result link to see what is inside. Just point on the result link, a pop up balloon shows the first few lines of the content. You need not to leave the result page to see what is there in it.

Bing gives a number of options to get what you looking for. Like in Google, if you search for Katrina you get the options for image search for the celebrity along with the search result. Here in Bing if you search for name of the celebrity you will be given option to choose news, image, quotes, biography etc. Similarly if you search for a disease, you can later choose to go for causes, treatment, remedy, news.

Similar to Google, Bing also allows you to search images. In Bing you can customize the size of the thumbnail. Also, there is no need to go to next page to view more images. You feel like you are viewing image from your own system. Details like sources, pixel are hidden and will be shown in balloon when you point to it.

Unlike Google video search, you can preview the video in Bing search for few seconds by pointing cursor to the thumbnail. Again you need not leave the result page to preview video.

Bing is just a child. It lacks a lot of features that Google offers. But for a normal search use it is now preferable along with Google. Bing makes searching more easy.

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