Monday, 16 March 2009

Girls, learn from Koena Mitra's nose disaster

Koena Mitra, born 1985 in Kolkata, India, is an actress in the Bollywood film industry. A fantastic dancer, Koena was trained with Mamata Shankar ballet troupe for 12 years and that shows on her dance numbers on the screen.She initially gained prominence through winning Gladrags magazine's Mega Model Contest in 2002, Koena’s first break in Bollywood was an item number in Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Road’; the song “Khullam Khulla” became a big craze. Then thsi fame and of beauty surgeries big names in bollywood like Susmita, Shilpa etc made her to opt a nose surgery.

Nose surgery was done to make her pert nose look sharpen.It was alright until the surgery got over. Then the bone next to the nose started swelling up and then a scar started developing on the nose. Her cheeks looked swollen. Since she was bony, it was very obvious. It is also reported she undergone lip surgery to make her lips look big.

But now she tells "I wish people learn from my mistake. Plastic surgery is the worst kept secret of our industry, of any industry… Bollywood, Hollywood. But it’s a huge gamble. Parents go to doctors with 16-year-olds and say, “She wants to become a model or an actress, but she has some baby fat, can we do this surgery to make her look perfect?”. But it’s so scary, ask me! "

Girls and their parents who wish to take up a beauty plastic surgeries should learn a lesson from Koena Mitra's nose disaster. Tara Reid has similar experience with her breast implant. Plastic surgeries may have adverse effect. Even the breast implants are found to be causing harm. Think twice before you opt a plastic surgery. Option is - health or beauty?

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