Monday, 24 November 2008

How is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome (beta) is a newly launched web browser to join the group of already existing number of browsers. Because it is from Google, it will not be one among them. It looks good, browse faster.... but I feel little complicate to handle. It gives a widened space for web window, where others viz. internet explorer 7, mozilla (3), netscape will sometimes eat half of the screen for useless informations.
When it comes to speed of browsing I felt it is equivalent to mozilla. There is another browser Safari (3.1) from Apple which claimed it is faster than Mozilla, but I saw it slower than that. I sincerely agree that it is much faster than Explorer from microsoft. Even though Internet explorer is slower you have to keep it in your PC if you run oj windows, because some Web applications ask for it.
But safari and Chrome are not supporting entry of indic scripts while they display indic scripts better than any. Internet explorer is good if you write a blog entry in Indic scripts like Kannada or hindi.
If you are addicted downloader prefer use of Chrome or mozilla as it does this task smoothely. Some MP3 or video couldn't be downloaded using these. When I clicked on the link there browser tried to open it in new window intead of saving it to drive. It does not have option "save terget as" like explorer. 

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