Thursday, 22 May 2008

An Evening with Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, the author of the best seller “Five Point Someone”, was there at Big Bazaar- Old Madras Road , Bangalore to promote his new book “The 3 Mistakes of My Life”. The event was organised by ‘The Depot’, the stationary and book store partners of Big Bazaar on the evening of 18th May, Sunday. The young fans of Chetan got a great opportunity to discuss with him and get his autograph.
I’m recalling some of the discussion here:
Chetan avoided calling him as young icon. He told he liked to be called as an author of all ages without confining himself to young metro readers. One participant questioned him why he likes number in the titles(‘Fve’ Point… ‘One Night... The '3' Mistakes…). He answered he is an engineer and every engineer likes number.
Most interesting question on Five Point Someone was whether it was a true story. He told some scenes in the story were happened in his college life. But not hundred percent true. The ice-cream parlor and the railway tracks scene were some true parts. The story also related to few of his friends which he can’t disclose. He accepted the fact that another Five Point Someone one is not possible for him. Chetan is also an IIM graduate, but he is still fond of IIT. This is because nobody can enjoy their post graduation life like their UG life.
After the success of the first book he wanted his writing to reach other than the people of IIT or engineers or a group of young adults, which made him to write " center".  Call from the god was an unbeatable novel idea in the novel One night @ The Call Center. He could reach most of the young metro readers through this book. This will be soon on silver screen as a Bollywood film by Atul Agnihotri casting Salman Khan.
To reach the suburban readers, Chetan wrote his third book with the three very common matters of everyday life of an Indian- business, cricket and religion. He hopes to reach the non metro readers through this book. The story happens in Gujarat, a state known for business, cricket and religion. The communities mentioned in the book accepted the books so far and he didn't face any disputes till now.
I'm reading 'The 3 Mistakes of My Life' now. I will post a review soon.


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