Thursday, 22 May 2008

The 3 Mistakes of My Life

the 3 mistakes of my life
You can not read it like a novel.
It is written as a script for a Bollywood movie.
Two fights: One at the beginning, to make readers understand how much the heroine Vidya’s brother, Ish loves her. Another at the climax, a friend of the hero Omi dies to save the twelve year old Muslim boy from his own uncle Bittoo mama. Inturn Bittoo Mama will be killed by the future Tendulkar, Ali. hitting straight sixes to his face.
Romance: The hero teaches maths to the sister of his friend. She does everything to attract him, he falls in love. They have sex on her 18th birthday when her brother is fully involved in watching cricket match. She tells “I’m no more a virgin” without a trace of guilt feel. They had sex 9 times in 2 months. She is a middle class Ahmadabad girl!
Item song: 100 topless women at Bondi beach of Australia; six were playing Frisbee. So there are 200 breasts to look at. Hero loves maths, he counts the breasts too.
Scenes you remember even after years: The member of a Hindu political party, kills the twelve years old Muslim boy, consuming marijuana, after his son’s death in Godra incident. The communal fight starts. At the same time, the hero’s cell gets an SMS from the girl stating that she got her periods and no need to worry. Her brother reads it as the cell is with him. There are many other ready-made scenes for the director adopting this book for a movie.
Writing something on Indian Religion system and communal riots is far tougher than writing CAT. Author should have done more homework on these issues. One will enjoy reading the story lines with cricket and love. But to enjoy the political issues of the story, you need to be inclined to left or be a pseudo secular. Every political and riot events tries to convey Hindu party workers are devils. I believe the author should have balanced the views on the religions and left the decision to the readers.
The book says only Hindu party workers are devils, not Muslims. The book is at safer side, not to get banned.

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