Monday, 9 May 2016

Bihar's Jungle Raj is back in form: Youth killed for overtaking JD(U) leader's son's vehicle

Imagine. You are driving your car on a highway in Bihar. You overtake an SUV. The people in SUV questions you for driving your vehicle faster than their vehicle. As a punishment for your superfast driving and overtaking them, you are shooted and killed.

This is happening in Bihar. JD(U) and RJ(D) alliance has brought the Jungle Raj back in Bihar. The politicians are acting as if they are the kings in the Jungle Raj.

"The Hindu" news clipping on this incedent:

"The incident happened when the son of a prominent businessman of the town, Aditya Sachdeva, a plus-two examinee, was traveling in his Swift car with his friends and allegedly overtook the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) driven by Rocky Singh Yadav, son of JD(U) MLC Manorama Devi under Rampur police station of the district. Rocky was travelling in his car along with a security guard provided by the Bihar Police for the politician.

“We’re returning from Bodh Gaya and soon after we overtook the SUV they started firing in the air and made us stop. Then they forced us to get out of the car and started punching us. When we tried to leave the spot, someone fired and my friend got hit”, said friend of Aditya Sachdeva who was accompanying him in the car."

This is not a stray incendent. These kind of news are frequently being reported from Bihar after JD(U) and RJD coallition assumed power.

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