Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Made in China and the Common Man

In a management class, a lecturer told that he had taken an oath not to use any made in China products to protect the economy of the country, even in broader sense the economy of the rest of the world except china. He also told he did not have a single made in china product with him. I pointed out his Nokia mobile. Obviously it is from Finland and he was confident of that. I asked him to remove the back cover and see the battery; the original battery in it was made in China. This is an example, how we are forced to use made in china products.

I started counting the made in China products. My notebook is manufactured for Lenovo and made in China. I have no doubt on ZTE and Huawei modems from China. 99% of my desktop PC components are made in China. My mobiles phones are made in china though they are branded. Even the tennis racket like mosquito bat we have at our house is Made in china. I had used many toys that were made in China when I was a kid. I can definitely tell; I have used products from China more than any country, may be more than that of my own country.

I have many friends who don’t like to buy made in China products. They are ready to compromise with the brands they like to buy a product not having china tag. But they are helpless many a times. Many a times there are no alternatives for made in china product. Some people tend to buy non-branded made in China products. They know the poor quality of the product they are buying, but they feel it is worth for the price it is being offered. It again increases our dependency on China. We, the common people never think in macro level. But even in micro level, China products are found to be harmful. Many food products imported from China has chemicals that are not suitable for human consumption. The toys and other electronic items have harmful metals on the surface for attractive finishing. Though we can’t completely get rid of made in China, at least let us try to decrease the number of such items we buy.  

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adsul rituja said...

i agree wit u mostly n actualy am also on that way.n i wish every indian people must hav to know these all things.i want to do smthing for this.....

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