Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Changed Rain Pattern is a Cause of Worries

From last fifteen days the interior parts of south coastal regions of Karnataka getting heavy rain every day. As the local people tell they never observed such rain during November. They don't forget to mention the change in the rain fall pattern in the region. The rainfall in the Western Ghats is decreased in recent years against the heavy rains during the Monsoon, ten years ago. I have witnessed the holidays to the schools when there was heavy rain. I had not seen the sun for weeks due the rainy clouds in the sky in my village situated middle of the dense forest of western ghats. Last year when I was in Bijapur, a conversional drought hit area of Karnataka also got a good rainfall. One more year back there was flood in the same drought areas. I always felt, definitely the rainfall pattern should have changed. The Malnad, the rainy hills are getting lesser rain and others more.

To support there was a report in The Hindu. The average rainfall of the state is decreased from 1204mm to 1146 mm in recent years. The rainfall in coastal and Malnad areas decreased significantly and that in Kolar, Bangalore, Bidar, Gulbarga and Bijapur like interior areas increased. The average rain fall in Bangalore has increased about 20%. This is due to increase in the pollutants in Bangalore acting as artificial rainfall inducing agents condensing the vapour.

The change in the rainfall pattern is impacting the agricultural system. The sowing and planting of the paddy in the areas of Uttara Kannada is delayed. They usually start harvesting the paddy during Dashera after performing Pooja in the coastal parts and during Deepawali in Malnad Taluks of Uttara Kannada. This year I observed there was lack of grown paddy crop even to do Pooja. When asked for the reason they tell it is because of the delayed sowing which is intern related to the delayed monsoon.

One can mention several reason for this change, adding to the deforestation. But whats is the action plan? Should the people change their way of life and adjust to the new pattern of rain or is there any solution. I found no answer as no one has taken the matter seriously. But definitely it is going to affect the human life in coming years.

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