Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Engineering- the cheapest graduation!

There was a funny line on Malayalis- every corner of the world you can see a Malayali Chai (Tea) Shop. It is no more a funny line. Now you can also see sales persons, every corner of the road, sitting under a big umbrella, giving SIM cards for free with free talk time. I was thinking who would be the next to sell their products like this?

Engineering colleges are all set to sell the degrees at cheap rates! Some institutions have already started selling their cheap products both in quality and price. Offering management seats to candidates from CET quota at the reduced price of Rs 35,000/- supports this. Even then unfilled seats increased from 9,000 in 2010 to 15,000 in 2011. There are more than half of the seats in many new colleges were unfilled when I verified the Karnataka Examination Authority website.

The Hindu had reported that the COMEDK sources said that more than 30 colleges had zero admission in management seats, these colleges have slashed their fees by 50%-60% to attract the students. Even then they failed to fill the vacant seats.

The promotion mix used by these colleges is full of false messages. They have also employed paid survey agencies to give a good rating for their colleges. I have recently seen an advertisement of Reva Institute of Technology, Bangalore claiming it is the Best Private Engineering College in India and the Best Engineering College in Bangalore. Education Expo TV has done this rating from Gurgaon. I can definitely tell my readers that this is not even the best college in its area of 10 km. radius. Another similar college is claiming it is the best college for Entrepreneurship education and also it has 100% placement record. Can both coincide?

I have never seen good college advertising during CET counseling to mislead the students like this. You can see People Education Society advertising its Shimoga college but never PESIT, Bangalore. Mangaloreans listen to the ads of SDM College of Engineering Ujire ‘synonymous for 100% result’, which is a very new college, and only one batch is passed out. But people of Dharwad won’t to SDMIT which is much superior to former one.

Remember, cheap (in quality) engineering degrees won’t stand when you come out of the colleges!

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