Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Now UPSC term to reform, Pass CSAT to become IAS officer

Indian Civil Service System has more than 150 years of history. It was the British Indian governments formed ICS- Indian Civil Service. You might have heard the story of Sri Arobindo Ghosh and also could have heard of ICS exams that time. He did not succeeded in Horse riding which was an essential part of the exam. In independent India a constitutional body has been framed and was called UPSC which was responsible for conducting Civil Service Exam in short CSE which recruits for IAS, IPS, IFS and many other top level positions. This exam is termed as mother of all the exams in India.
But there was discussion about the pattern of the exam. One common Paper of General Knowledge and one Optional subject of candidates' choice. There were some cases in the court regarding the un expected advantages that some students get by choosing particular subject.
Now UPSC prelims are not there. It is termed as CSAT- Civil Service Aptitude Test. It will evaluate the aptitude of the candidate in-spite of the bookish knowledge. The new CSAT will take place in the year 2011. But there is no information about the Mains exam. This might also change very soon, until then the old format will continue.
I really appreciate the new format of the examination. Now an arts student or an engineering student, all have equal opportunity write and pass the exam. There is no added advantage of taking an option and getting confused and blaming on the optional for poor performance. In teh view of nation and the society, I believe the new exam will give more talented officers as their decision making, moral, ethical reasoning are also tested in the exam. Thanks to Manmohan Singh for this Change. But it is very bad that till now the exam format is not relieved, not even the new syllabus. Even the institutes withe big names in IAS coaching have no idea how the new paper could be. They are also not dispatching the materials. So the candidates appearing for 2011 UPSC CSAT has to face real challenges. These are not big challenges for future IAS/IPS officers right?
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