Monday, 25 August 2008

Let us fight inflation

Inflation rate is rising day by day. The prices are increasing. These many days we are not worried because we were not affected by the inflation. But the time has come that we, the common man of the R.K Laxman too get affected. So let us fight against it. I have made some very simple tips to secure ourselves from inflations:
Reduce the frequency of visiting Cofee Day, Fizza huts, KFC and so on.
Relay on self service Darshinis instead of paying double for the same food at AC service rooms until inflation comes to hold.
Take homemade foods to office or college.
Don’t think of changing mobile phones now.
Leave the idea of new Laptop when there is a PC in good condition at home.
Think foe second hand gadgets at good condition.
Don’t buy unnecessary clothes whenever you see some good stuff.
Open your wardrobe and look for clothes you never wore.
Move from brand factory to shops where you can bargain.
Buy shoes only if you need it.
Go for shoes and belts which suits for both formal and casuals.
Try to save money, make use of the increased interest rates of the bank deposits, now some banks are giving about 11% pa.
Take the advantage of market and mutual funds, make hey when the sun shine.
If you are a student, instead of buying books for you self you can photocopy the pages you required borrowing the books from the library.
Use rough papers for rough works; let the A4 sheets for their own purpose.
You can adjust for a good low cost pen for sometime.
Travel only when it is necessary.
Walk if the destination is nearer and you are not in urgency.
Make your mind riding bicycle doesn’t harm your dignity.
Don’t waste 100Rs of petrol for the talk of 15 minutes, speak in phone, and make use of low tariffs.
Stop visiting Coffee day, clubs, and pubs like hangout places and research how you can get entertained without these.
Stop watching every movie that releases in multiplex.Let us follow it for few days and fight inflation.

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shishirbangalore said...

excellent tips...but its a bad news for girls having boy friends..hehehe....

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